If numbers aren't your thing; we are!

You are in sales and have many satisfied clients. It's hard for you to figure out your next investment or business move. Managing the finances confuses you and you don't really have time for it.

You are out in the field servicing your customers. The non-stop phone calls are distracting you from your work. If only you would have a professional office staff to handle your business communications, bookings and everything in between. You are tired of running after your tail.

You are qualified at a certain trade and want to start your own company. You need to open a corporation, configure your rates, get language for job proposals, set up a plan for appointment bookings, get business loans, handle legal matters etc. If only you would have a right-hand guy to juggle it all. The details are way too complicated.

Your business is undergoing a complicated audit by the city. You are in an elusive chase to find the numbers and transactions to prove the legitimacy of your company. If only you would have it all in one place, neat and easy to understand. Bookkeeping makes your head spin.

Whether you are in service, merchandise, sales or any line of work, you want to focus on what's most important; your business. You want to be sure to supply your clients the best they deserve and at the same time grow and expand on your end.

You have come to the right place!

Stellar to the rescue.


Our professional, committed and well-trained staff is meticulous at keeping track and managing all the ins and outs of your finances. We treat your business as our own, providing clients a very personal experience.

We constantly make sure to keep your accounts receivable low by taking care of all your collections. This gives clients the peace of mind they need to focus on being best at their business. We are meticulous at record-keeping and data entry, giving our clients up to minute information on their business transactions.


With our efficient and ahead of the game office communication, we enable clients to give their best shot to their customers. We are always there for you, ready, willing and able to make your work, work!


Our staff handles all of your business phone calls and emails, following up wherever necessary.


We are on top of all incoming and outgoing transactions; negotiating fees with vendors, data entry, estimates, invoicing, payments, including filing sales tax.


Managing delinquent accounts to keep your balances low.


We do weekly bank reconciliation to stay up to date with all your transactions, thereby avoiding any mishaps.


New employee setup, processing payroll and filing taxes.

Cash Flow

Our constant watch over your bank and credit card accounts avoids any unnecessary surprises, keeping your cash flow fluid.


Clear periodic reports so you have it handy for your accountant or bank requests.


Communication with banks to get the best deal for our clients.

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